Founded initially as the “Faculty of Foreign Languages” in 1962, the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences is considered one of the first well-established faculties of the university with a leading role in humanities and social science. The faculty aims at nurturing the national language and a considerable number of foreign languages and literatures, and educating proficient human resources in humanities and social sciences. In this regard, the faculty has managed to introduce such proficient human resources to the country’s top managerial, executive, educational and scholarly positions. Furthermore, the faculty houses one of the key international centers for Persian language teaching, known as AZFA Center, which attracts many international students who wish to learn the Persian language.

With 12 departments, the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences hosts almost 90 faculty members and a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs covering a vast range of academic fields and specialties in humanities and social sciences. The faculty’s academic departments are as follows: History, Archeology, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Persian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, and Linguistics. Currently, the departments offer 11 BA, 20 MA, and 15 PhD programs in different fields of study. A number of nationally and internationally renowned figures have comprised the active and emeritus members of this faculty.

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